Lucy and the Equiman

By Susan Strachan Johnson

Lucy and the Equiman is about a human-horse hybrid and his friendship with Lucy, a young teenaged girl coping with the recent death of her father. She discovers the equiman in the forest opposite her home and takes him home to keep him safe. He is depressed and lonely, having just escaped from a locked stall where he is forced to spend his days. Genetically manipulated to combine the best of man with the best of horse, the equiman is without greed, cruelty or judgment. He is instead a gentle soul who can speak both English and Horse as well as being expert at reading body language. Lucy names him Eckwee and she and her mother Sally hide him in their garage while they figure out a safe place for him to go. Several adventures ensue, including dealing with a school bully and stalker, evading capture by the local by-law officer, recovering a stolen horse and helping a boy with special needs. This is a book for anyone who loves and understands horses.