What is an Equiman?

My recent art show Equimanity (2020) focussed on my belief that three great artists gave human-like physical characteristics to the horses they painted and drew. They were Leonardo da Vinci, George Stubbs and Alex Colville. They probably loved all animals, including horses, and I am sure they would have approved of my coined word equimanity, which means the understanding, love and trust horses can give to humans.

A comparison of the human skeleton to that of a horse reveals many compelling parallels. In fact, there are more similarities than there are differences! And studying their anatomy is how the equiman came into being. For a more detailed description of how a hybrid man/horse could work, contact me, and I will send you the details. Or you can purchase a catalogue for the show with my detailed description on how an equiman could be put together. Or finally, why not buy a copy of Lucy and the Equiman, and go to Chapter 23 where Lucy and Eckwee visit Hayden’s laboratory? This is where they learn about his research and how Eckwee was conceived.

Here is a human skeleton on all fours, compared to an equine skeleton, followed by what an equiman might look like. Just as a teaser, do you know how many neck vertebrae a human has? Seven. How about a horse? Seven. How about another mammal, a giraffe? Seven!