This book is an easy read, and I would enjoy reading it to a child eight or older. The idea of a hybrid human/horse is a pretty speculative concept, but for anyone interested in horses, or any animal come to that, you soon forget this is borderline science fiction. It’s a bit like E.T. – you get to love him even though he’s probably impossible. Both Lucy and Eckwee are compelling characters, and together they change the lives of several people. She often says “I wish people were more like horses,” and actually, I agree with her!

Freda Katz

I really liked this book. I grew up with horses, and when she is writing about communication between a horse and his owner, this author really knows what she is talking about. It would have been nice to have an Equiman when I was growing up, so I could have talked to my horse! It’s a gentle book, suitable for kids of any age, but probably more for those aged between nine and twelve or thirteen. I have purchased copies for all my grandchildren.

Michelle Coast

5.0 out of 5 stars An intriguing and well told adventure about a unique hybrid creature and his new friend Lucy Reviewed in Canada on August 20, 2021

I enjoyed Lucy and the Equiman for many reasons. You can’t help but fall in love with the endearing man/horse hybrid, and the author handles the interactions with Lucy and him in a real and believable manner. It is obvious that the author knows a lot about horses and she wove the information in a natural and interesting way. There are many moments of suspense which made me read on to see what would happen. I hope the author will write more stories like this, maybe even a sequel to this one?

Gloria Nye, Author of the Dragonfly Series

It was on my 80th birthday that I was presented with Susan Strachan Johnson’s new book LUCY AND THE EQUIMAN, as a present from a good friend. The book I was told was written mostly for young teenagers and horse lovers.

Being in neither of these categories, and Black Beauty being the only horse book I had read, as a child, I started to read only with the knowledge of the author and of her abundant creativity over the past 30 years. Very early in the book I recognized that Susan has been able to carry her creativity into her writing, and that she has an extensive knowledge of horses.I was easily drawn into the unusual story and trials and tribulations of the well-developed characters, and my attention and interest never dwindled.

Susan has written this story so expertly that I feel I should read more teen books, more stories about horses, and definitely more books by Susan Strachan Johnson.

Ann Kirwin

And, coming soon from a 10 year old fan, Meghan, who visited my art show Equimanity (see and then bought the catalogue and the book! Thanks for the photo, Meghan!